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            NEWS & EVENTS


            DMW Measuring Wheel, by CSTGlobal is IDesign Award Winner.

            The DMW Digital Measuring Wheel by CSTGlobal (Desmania Design Pvt. Ltd) is I Design Award Winner in Prosumer Products and Tools Design Category, 2012 - 2013.

            This digital measuring wheel is an evolution... it can take care of hidden distances at the corners of the buildings / rooms. Very robust, easy to use and record distances. Accurate for measuring distances in an uneven terrain also.

            Read more at I Design Awards >

            Date: 01/2013



            History of Complete Surveying Technologies, pvt. ltd.

            The company was founded in 1993 in collaboration with CST/Berger USA. Key management has extensive experience in the surveying and construction industry. Ash Puri (Chairman and CEO CSTech) served as President of CST/Berger USA for 15+ years, and is ex-President of Stanley Precision Measuring division as well as ex-President of Bosch Measuring Tools division.

            Date: 10/2012